Do you require PPA Cover using PE? Or do you need help with your Sports Provision? Sports Focus in Schools can help!

Sports Focus in Schools is an organisation which provides high quality Physical Education within a bespoke service level agreement, which meets the Every Child Matters agenda and enables all pupils to participate in a wide variety of physical activities which will develop their overall health and fitness.

Sports Focus in Schools offer:

  • Planned and assessed physical education sessions
  • PPA cover for schools
  • Sports Provision
  • Extended school opportunities, before and after school hours
  • Delivery of all aspects of the P.E. National Curriculum during school time
  • Inset for staff
  • Inset for children
  • Free taster sessions

If interested please contact Adam on 07903 322736 or e-mail

He will arrange for one of our team to visit your school to discuss your individual requirements.

How are the lessons structured?
All our lessons follow the National Curriculum guidelines for Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2. All lessons are delivered in 3 week blocks. Key Stage 1 will be taught core skills using different types of equipment and Key Stage 2 will be taught a different sport every 3 weeks. All lessons are supported by lesson plans of which your school will receive copies.

Are your coaches qualified to work in primary school?

Yes, as well as their credentials in Sports Coaching every coach is trained in First Aid, Health and Safety and Child Behaviour Management. All Sports Focus in Schools coaches are also subject to ongoing DBS checks throughout their employment with Sports Focus in Schools.

What Sports do you provide?

Key Stage 1 are taught core skills such as:

Balance      Hoop Skills
Throwing    Aiming
Catching     Pass & Receive
Bouncing    Travelling with the ball
Rolling        Bat & ball Skills
Athletics (Running, throwing, jumping)                                                   
Parachute Skills

Small balls
Medium balls
Bat and balls

Key Stage 2 are taught:
Tag Rugby
Uni Hoc

Each sport or activity is taught in 3 week blocks. Each year group will have their P.E. lesson delivered in accordance with their age. All year groups will be taught at a level in accordance with the National Curriculum guidelines.

Who supplies the equipment?
Sports Focus in Schools supplies all equipment. All we need is a space in which to work .

What happens in bad weather?
Sport Focus in Schools can adapt lessons to an indoor facility. If there are multiple classes we have lessons prepared for both the classroom and an indoor facility together.

Can you release more than one teacher at a time?

Yes, we can cover one class or one year group. We are aware of how important it is for teachers from the same year group to plan together, we are very flexible and will meet the needs of individual schools.

Will the children be assessed?
All children will be assessed twice a year, once at Christmas and once before May half-term. However if a child excels in any particular sport this will be recorded and put into the end of year reports.

How do your costs compare with a supply teacher?
Full-time P.P.A. cover from Sports Focus in Schools will save you approximately 20% of a supply teachers cost. You will have high quality sports provision and also make a saving on your annual budget

·What happens next?

Contact Adam Bessent on 07903 322736 or e-mail to arrange an appointment to discuss your individual requirements and book a free taster session.