Covid 19

Please see below our risk Assestment for the current pandemic.


           Health & Safety Risk Assessment Record (Covid-19)
Applicable to:   School grounds & boundaries → Specify: Sports Focus Summer Camp 2020
Assessment Date: 10th Jul 2020 Lead Assessor:

Persons consulted:

All Sports Focus staff

Review Date: Ongoing in line with government guidance Adam Bessent/Dave Ellis


  Process/Activity *   Hazards Identified* Persons at Significant Risk Existing Controls *

Are existing controls adequate?


What additional controls are required?
Arrival/Registration Arrival of families on mass. SF Staff, Children, Parents Waiting in line to register all together at the same place and time. N

9am start but can arrive from 8.45 through to 9.30am.

2 separate entrances and register stations.

  Arrival of anyone with Covid symptoms. As above N/A – New risk N/A If anyone in family and/or household has displayed Covid symptoms they will not be allowed on site. (advised by email)
  Arrival of families with no booking in place. As above Walk up registrations allowed. N

No walk up registrations now allowed.

(advised by flyer/email)

Only pre-bookings allowed.

  Queueing to register. As above Forming orderly queue. N Floor markings signalling where to stand and ensuring 2m social distancing.
  Touch points at registering. As above Filling out form, hand written on site. N

Bringing form already filled in where possible.

If not, pens able to use but will be sanitised after use.

Hand sanitiser available on registration table.

  Emergency contact form As above Contact details kept on file for children attending camp Y N/A
Entrance into building Parents in with children As above Registration done inside, parents drop belongings in. N

Registration outside weather dependent, no parents allowed in building.

If registration needed inside, social distancing will be adhered to. Parents cannot go past registration table.

  Children into building Children, SF staff Sit down at table to start arrival activity. N

Separate entrances for children.

Straight to designated toilets to wash hands.

Back to table for arrival activity, socially distanced on tables.

Activities Team/group games together As above Staff ratios. Supervised by adults. Age appropriate. In line with SF Health & Safety. N

2 separate groups, kept apart throughout the day.

Outside at all times, weather depending.

If inside, socially distanced and ventilation points open throughout the day.

Games/activities will be socially distanced.

  Hygiene As above Wash hands after toilet use and before and after snack/lunch breaks. N Children will be encouraged to wash hands/sanitise at regular intervals throughout the day. Including before and after activities, snack/lunch breaks and toilet use.
  Snack/Lunch breaks As above Taken place inside in small groups/friends/siblings etc. N

All food/drink breaks will be outside whilst socially distancing, weather depending.

If weather inclement, breaks will be inside but social distancing will be adhered to.

Packed lunches must be in plastic boxes/disposable bags (advised by email)

  Water bottles As above Clearly labelled with name, no sharing. Refilled by SF staff Y SF staff will wash hands before refilling
  Toilet use As above One child allowed to go at a time, any toilet. N Still one child at a time, designated toilets for their groups.
  Cleaning As above Start and end of the day, tables and floors cleaned. N All surfaces will be cleaned by SF staff at the start of the day, before and after uses, at the end of the day.
Illness Child becomes unwell during the day (non Covid symptoms) As above Parent is informed, supervised by SF staff in communal space and they are picked up. Y  
  Child becomes unwell during the day (Covid symptoms) As above N/A –  New risk N/A SF staff will adhere to the Buckland School process. See document on page 4.
Injury Child injures themselves throughout course of the day. As above SF staff to administer suitable First Aid, parent informed during or at the end of the day, depending on severity of injury. N SF still to administer First Aid but must wear suitable PPE if social distancing cannot be adhered to.
Exiting building/pick up time Children picked up by parents/guardians. SF Staff, Children, Parents Parents/guardians come to exit point and pick children up N Parents must wait on 2m floor markings if queue forms and wait for children to come out to them. Must not enter building.